Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pick a brown, any brown

Just not that one…

…or that one….

hmmm…I don’t like that one either.

Such is the story of my life the last few days! I’m trying to pick a light brown paint color for the main bathroom in the house. It is disastrous. I thought I finally had something. I got the paint. I took it home. I opened it up to test it on the walls. Oh man. This was not brown. This was orange! I hate orange. Never mind that Bethany likes it. I do not.

So, back to the paint store. Lucky for me my dad works there and I know some people. We tried to fix the paint. We added brown. That was a little better. Then we added more brown. Definitely less orange, but not dark enough. So we added some black. That was OK so we added more black and that is where things went very, very wrong. When we opened it up, it was gray. It was the color of gray caulk. Or weather-stripping. That is what I would have named it if I could have. Gray caulk weather-stripping.

So the guy says, “Let’s start over.” Great! Because I do not like paint color “Gray caulk weather-stripping.” We head over to the paint chips. But now I have NO idea whatsoever. What is the right color brown?  Who knew there were so many browns in the world? So, now this is sitting on my bathroom counter.


At the moment I’m leaning towards something called “Summer Sands.” Sounds nice, right? Yeah. Except when I take it home it’ll probably look more like “mud cave.”

PotD for Monday:


We had our GEMS Father/Daughter Night and the plan for the evening was to do yardwork for people in our church and to spread bark around the flower beds at church. Sounds great, right? Yes! And despite the POURING DOWN RAIN and the THUNDERSTORMS, everyone smiled and worked and had a great time!

PotD for Tuesday:

IMG_3740 Yes, I messed with this in PSE…just trying some things out. Ed & Sarah went on a date to the orchestra concert at school. They had a good time!

If any of you feel less color-challenged than I am, come on over. You can pick my brown.


Melissa said...

I totally feel your pain when it comes to picking paint colors! I had to alter my colors (3 different rooms) twice and the green in the upstairs bathroom is not even close to what I wanted the second time around but I was not driving to Home Depot a third time or spending more money!

I have a hard time choosing the right colors, which is why my walls in the rest of the house are not done yet :)

Julie said...

I love the green paint in your upstairs bathroom. It looks good with everything you have in there, plus it makes the rats really stand out. ;)

Mindy K said...

My mom thinks her brown in her new bedroom looks green. Go figure. Good luck.

Susan said...

When I was picking a yellow for my living room I had a tough time choosing. The paint store recommended I cut the sample strips of colors up and tape the colors I liked up on the walls to see how they looked and how the color changed throughout the day (since there were windows in the room).

Removing the white border around the color samples and taking them out of context from the similar shades on the same card helped a lot. Then I bought $5 sample pots of two or three of my favorites. That was so helpful! Painting a large rectangle on the wall with the sample paint helped me realize that the color I was about to choose looked peach, not yellow! I love the color I picked in the end.

My advice is if you're looking at three colors and one is red-ish, another is green-ish or blue-ish, and one is in-between, go with the one that's in-between.

Julie said...

Thanks, Susan! I did buy some sample paints, but ended up not going with those and they don't have samples of the ones I'm trying now. I will try cutting the chips out of the strip - that will help minimize the "distraction", right? :)

Rachael said...

I totally know how you feel. It took me months to pick out our colors for a living room and kitchen and it's been years and I still haven't done our bedroom or bathroom yet. I mean there are thousands of shades of "browns" or whatever color you want and it's so difficult. You'll have to post pics of what you end up painting. Have fun.