Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July weekend


That’s Friday’s PotD, even though it was taken on Thursday. It’s me taking pictures at Whatcom Falls for my motion blur assignment.


We spent the Fourth with all these lovely people. We like them even though they went to that other college. It was an absolutely wonderful day with the Boon’s and DeVries’…parade, candy, DQ, swimming, Wii, chatting, the beach, steaks, pie, fireworks…awesome! Did you notice how many of the things listed involve food? How often isn’t that the case when we get together with loved ones?


That’s Sarah and her friend Kylie – they’ve been best friends since Sarah was about 12 weeks gestation and we announced to the Boon’s that we were having a baby. Ky was 17 months old when Sarah was born and they’ve always gotten along great. We haven’t lived in the same town for many years now, but we’re so happy they’re back in Western Washington and that we can see them at least occasionally!


Yes, that’s Ed. He’s 16 in that picture! Goofy hair, right? ;) I think his bangs were as big as mine then! :) Anyway, the 4th of July is the anniversary of when Ed & I started dating…we spent the day with the youth group and my mission team at the beach and then went to see fireworks at Milesquare Park. I don’t think either of us even noticed the fireworks that night, we were so busy talking to each other. I knew I was falling for him then, but I knew I would marry him the moment I took that picture up there. I watched him with those kids at VBS and I knew that he would be a good daddy someday. I loved that about him then, and I love that about him now. There are other things, of course, but that was truly the moment. On the 4th, we celebrated 18 years of being together – our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up next month. I can’t believe we’ve known each other for over half our lives! Amazing. God is good.

Oh, and that’s today’s PotD.

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