Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I really should be the Mariners’ Official Good Luck Charm. They should buy me season tickets, provide a limo for transportation, and treat me like royalty. The Mariners have won EVERY game at Safeco Field that I have ever attended. My record is now 12-0! I suppose occasionally they’d have to make me stay home so that other teams wouldn’t try to accuse them of cheating and so that no other teams found out about my status and try to steal me away, but really, isn’t that a pretty incredible record?

We went Monday evening to the M’s game against the Orioles. It was our Father’s Day gift to my dad and we had a great time. We left home in pouring down rain and were a bit concerned that we might get wet and cold but by the time we got to Seattle, it was sunny! It wasn’t warm, but we were never cold and it was a fabulous evening. We started by going to one of the Nintendo DS downloading stations where you can download an app to get stats and games and such on your Nintendo during the game. This proved to be very useful since none of the electrical boards in Safeco Field were working Monday night!

Then I wanted to take Becca into the Children’s Playfield, sponsored by Children’s Hospital. She had fun in there and then requested that I take this picture of her with Ichiro! I couldn’t be more proud.


The game, as I said before, was great. Washburn pitched what could quite possibly be the game of a lifetime – one hit, no walks, 100 pitches in a complete game – and the M’s won 5-0. We all had a lot of fun.


In fact, apparently we were having so much fun that we even provided entertainment for the folks sitting behind us! As we were leaving, the lady tapped Ed on the shoulder and thanked him for sitting in front of them. She said they loved watching our family and the girls were so entertaining! I thought, man, if we had brought Elise, then she REALLY would have been entertained!

I don’t have a PotD for Tuesday – the day just got away from me – but here’s one of my fireworks pictures from the 4th.


I didn’t do real great taking pictures – partly because I missed my class last week when he gave tips on taking fireworks pictures, partly because there was so much ambient lighting where we were standing, partly because I don’t have much of a zoom lens, and partly because I just plain didn’t know exactly what I was doing. But, I at least got something relatively decent to show for my efforts and I learned a few things along the way. I had my photo class last night and learned more stuff – I am so glad I am taking this class and am already anxious for next week!

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Mindy K said...

Thanks for the tips on getting pictures on a blog. It is so frusterating to me. I just got reaquainted with your blog. Lots of new stuff to read. I would like to watch how you do it and maybe even have you here to get me started. I love the posts about your girls jumping off of rocks. I am so the opposite. How about the black eye on Emily, and yes that is Luke she is jumping over on the motor bike. Am I irresponsible or just not worried? Luke races again tonight. Stan is the helper since Rick is out of town. It should be fun.