Friday, July 10, 2009

Silver Lake and other stuff

My FIL Erik has been here the last few days and we’ve been having a lot of fun thus far. I hope this weekend goes well – we’re headed out to go camping with him at the local KOA on Saturday & Sunday. We’ve also had the pleasure of having Ed’s cousin and her daughter from California in and out over the past few days as the daughter is playing in an international softball tournament.

Wednesday’s PotD: dinner with Erik, Brenda, & Emily


Thursday’s PotD: the girls helped Erik assemble our new wheelbarrow and then had fun giving each other rides and dumping each other out._MG_7038

Friday’s PotD: on the slide at Silver Lake today. _MG_7365

We had so much fun at Silver Lake! We almost had to forgo the trip since I left to run errands this morning and drove over a bolt and got a flat tire. Thankfully my dad wasn’t too busy at work at the moment and could come rescue me. I was in the middle of a country road and was so glad I didn’t have to call AAA and then wait 2 hours for them to find me. Dad to the rescue again! So, anyway…We knew we needed to get new tires soon, but were waiting until next week when the Costco coupons are valid. Unfortunately, we had to get the tires TODAY because the one with the bolt in it was…ah…not repairable. So we got new tires, finished some of the errands, had lunch, and headed up to Silver Lake only about 90 minutes behind schedule. Good job, Les Schwab in getting me new tires quickly!!!

Click here for a web album of our fun in the sun at Silver Lake!

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