Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why I am not spontaneous and other bits and pieces of the camping adventure

*I am not spontaneous. Not very often, anyway. I found out this weekend why that is the case. When I am being spontaneous, by definition, obviously, there is not time to properly plan for the spontaneous event. When there is not time to properly plan, (and make a proper and complete list), I am bound to forget something. And when I forget something, such as my contact lens case and contact solution, I get crabby. And when I get crabby, then no one wants me to be spontaneously camping anymore. Trust me.

*Overheard on the camping adventure: Ed: "Elise, what would you like to drink with your dinner?" Elise: "I would like beer." Hysterical giggling around campsite. Ed: "Elise, you wouldn't like beer, would you like a juice box?" Elise: "No, I like beer, I really, really do!" More hysterical giggling around campsite. Ed: "No, Elise, beer is only for grownups like Grandpa. Would you like a juice box?" Elise: "But I am a grownup. I'm 3!"

*Sitting around the campfire: Elise: "I want gatorade like Becca!" Ed: "Why don't you try some of Becca's to see if you like gatorade before I give you your own bottle?" Becca: "Here, Elise. Try my gatorade. Drink it slowly. It might have wine in it."

*Apparently our children need some instruction about alcoholic beverages...


Jennifer said...

Hmm, this is the same niece who on Christmas Eve declared, "I want WINE!" Maybe if she tried some she wouldn't want it anymore? :)

Julie said...

It is the same niece. I had forgotten. Go figure.