Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I learned on our Camping Adventure

*When going camping, garbage bags should be packed and brought along.

*To properly roast a hotdog over a fire, one must place the hotdog perpendicular to the roasting stick.

*Threatening that “whoever cries in the tent goes in the motorhome to sleep” works!

*Foot-powered air pumps with cracks do not pump up air mattresses nearly as quickly as battery-powered pumps.

*You don’t have to go far from home to have a fun get-a-way.

*Crows like to march across the tops of motorhomes and screech at 4:30 in the morning.

*Camping + marshmallows + playgrounds + gatorade = very sticky dirty children

*Very sticky dirty children + one Grandpa + two parents + fresh air = Very Happy Children


This is one of the few pictures of me camping. My friend Melissa did this on her latest camping trip and I thought of it when I saw the reflection of the sky and trees in the back window of our van. Thanks for the idea!


All my happy girls and my guy in the tent in the morning. What a good dad to sleep in the tent all night with those turkeys!

Thanks, Grandpa/Erik for taking us camping! WE LOVED IT!!!!!

Click here for a web album of more pictures!


Melissa said...

You're welcome :) Cute pictures of the girls as usual too. Glad you got to have some fun in the pool, it was a nice day for it :)

The Mom said...

How fun, we love to camp also! Good memories for the kids!