Friday, July 17, 2009


This is going to be a lame blog post, let me just say that right away. You can quit reading now if you want and I won’t blame you. Because life has not been exciting over here lately.

On Monday, I spent most of the day cleaning up the house, doing laundry, doing dishes, and generally trying to get things back in order around here. Hence, the Project 365 PotD for Monday is:


Technically, this was a load that Ed did. I had already done one and unloaded it and this was his turn later in the evening. Oh well.

I did get to have a friend over for a little while in the afternoon, which was a lovely distraction from an otherwise rather mundane Monday.

Monday night Sarah got sick, and so continued our very lame week. Bethany & Becca did go berry picking with my mom and I made some jam, but I neglected to take pictures of that. That might be because I pretty much made a huge mess out of the kitchen when I did it and didn’t really want to document that. So, Tuesday’s PotD is

_MG_7679 That’s my new color scheme for the living room. The dark blue are the new curtains. The other two with yellow are someday going to be made into pillows. If I can just convince a sewing friend to do it. The walls will someday be yellow. I hope. If I can just convince Ed to help me move the piano and the corner cabinet away from the wall.

We also had a playdate with some old friends planned for Tuesday afternoon, but unfortunately we had to miss that since Sarah was sick. Ed did take the other girls to swimming and I did still get to go to my photography class, thanks to my mom helping out with Sarah.

Oh, and there was this strange business with the van that happened on Tuesday - some leaking fluid, strange electrical issues. Just another bit of chaos added to the mix.

Wednesday. Sarah’s still sick. No park. No eye doctor. No klompen. (More on that in a future post). Trip to the doctor. Yeah, nasty bug probably. So far, no one else is sick, thankfully, but I’m still feeling so bad for the poor girl.


As I’m writing this, it’s Friday morning, and she has barely gotten off the couch all week.

I did take the van in on Wednesday and the electrical issues appear to just be a blip in the van's computer and all seems fine now. The leaking fluid appears to be from the radiator, and is totally unrelated to all the work I recently had done on the van. But, it is something that needs fixing before we head out of town in a couple Sarah is better I'll get something scheduled.

I dearly love Hollyhocks.


Hopefully my weekend photos will be more fun – we have some big family reunion stuff happening with lots of great photo ops…we just keep praying Sarah gets better!

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Melissa said...

I'm glad I could be a distraction to your Monday :) It was good to catch up! Have a great day and see you at the picnic (if you get this before Sat).