Saturday, August 29, 2009

Every girl deserves a foot soak every now and then

It was Friday night. We had nothing going on. Dinner was done. Dishes were done. House was picked up. We asked the girls, what do you want to do? Sarah said, “I want to soak my feet. They are so rough from not wearing shoes all summer.” I thought, what a great idea!

I got out some foot scrub and lotion and a basin of hot water while the girls all climbed into the bathtub to wash their feet. There was no way I was going to do foot soaks with them with their dirty and disgusting feet. I try so hard to keep shoes on their feet in the summer. But they’re kids. And it’s summer. And for some reason, kids like to be barefoot in the summer. I hate it. I hate dirty feet. So, they had to wash and scrub their feet before they put their feet in my basin of hot water.

Everybody had a turn soaking their feet and loved it! They thought the foot scrub I rubbed into their feet was tickly and laughed hysterically. They all kept saying “It feels sooooo good” when they put their feet into the warm and yummy-smelling water. They loved how soft their feet felt after I did the big foot file on their heels. Of course, they really already had soft feet, they just don’t know how much less soft their feet will get over the years…

It was fun. Perhaps it will be a new tradition of some sort. I’d like that. One more reason to thank God for my girls…they like foot soaks.





When did my hair turn brown?


Bryan said...

Those pictures are awesome! I just love the glee... Good lighting, too!

Julie said...

Bryan, what is it about complimenting the terrible pictures, obviously taken by Ed? What do you need from him? ;)