Monday, August 31, 2009

The First Day of School

6:00 a.m. my alarm went off. I got up, not knowing why on earth the alarm was going off. I concentrated for a minute. Oh yes! The first day of school! I showered, dressed, got Ed up, did my hair, and finally pulled up the blinds…


If that doesn’t look like the perfect first day of school morning, then I don’t know what does. A chilly foggy morning that broke through to a sunny and warm afternoon – that’s fall here in Western Washington. I. Love. It.

Anyway, got the girls up, dressed, fed, and then it was picture time!!

_MG_2389 _MG_2391 _MG_2393











_MG_2422 _MG_2423

I love the first day of school…new clothes, new shoes, new backpacks and lunch boxes, new pencils and pens and crayons and markers and erasers…and I get to do it for FOUR girls! It doesn’t get any better than that.

As I walked into the school this morning, (both girls still let me into their classrooms with them to take pictures – hooray!) the smell of the crayons and backpacks and the thrill of excitement in the air brought me back. The only thing missing was the smell of chalk, since they all have whiteboards now. But that’s OK. I hate chalk dust.

The girls were excited and nervous, as they should be, and I am so thankful to have those healthy girls to send to that wonderful school. More on that tomorrow….

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