Sunday, August 23, 2009

God is cool

Elise has taken to being afraid of the dark and of going to sleep. She wants to stay awake all night, or at the very least have Mommy & Daddy stay awake all night. She can't really explain why, she just says that she doesn't like to go to sleep. So last night I was trying to comfort her and explain that she would be fine and I was telling her that Mommy & Dadd would be close by and that even when we go to sleep, Jesus will be with her and will be watching her sleep. She seemed a little stunned by this news and questioned how he could see her through the house. I just told her that Jesus could and she eventually calmed down and went to sleep.

This morning there was no mention of the being afraid or anything until later on when I was getting Elise dressed for church. She suddenly looked at me and said, "God must be so cool if He can see me through the house. He must be so cool."

He is, Elise, He is.

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Melissa said...

What a sweet little girl and a sweet little story :) God is very cool :)