Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Elias & Dad!!!

My nephew Elias is one year old today. I cannot believe a whole year has passed since we welcomed him to the family. We just spent a week with him in Oregon and he is so much fun. Happy and smart and smiley. I hope you have a great birthday with your Grandpa & Grandma K., Elias! We love you and miss you tons!


Today is also my dad’s 61st birthday! Yep, Elias was born on my dad’s 60th birthday last year, in case you don’t remember that. You can read about it here. My dad certainly doesn’t act like he’s 61 – working hard, taking care of the house, kayaking, hiking, being the tickle monster, doing all sorts of weird odd jobs I ask him to help me with, babysitting, flying kites, playing whiffle ball….and on and on. We are so fortunate & blessed to live near him (& mom, of course) so that they can be part of our daily lives and part of the lives of our kids. We all love you, Dad and hope you have a very happy birthday!5x7 M&D

Also, coming up on Sunday is my parents’ actual 40th anniversary. They’re celebrating with just the two of them this weekend…with kayaking, I am sure…and our part in the celebration is over…the week in Oregon, the book, the picture in the paper, etc. Happy Anniversary and God bless you, M&D!!

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