Saturday, August 22, 2009

A little bit of catch-up

The last day of our Oregon Coast vacation was bittersweet. We had a wonderful morning playing in the house and a great last breakfast. Then we all had to pack up, load up, clean up, and head on down the steep driveway for the last time. We loved every minute of that trip, so thanks to Mom & Dad for funding it, for my siblings and families who came from far away, and to everyone for making it such an enjoyable week.



While waiting for the van to be loaded, Sarah & Bethany decided to climb the trees outside the house. Their mother was not too happy about this because they managed to get sap all over themselves about 5 minutes before I wanted them in the van to drive off. Ugh. Sap does not come off easily. So the girls were pretty sticky for the ride home…

Here’s the last few pictures: Oregon Coast Vacation Day Eight

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