Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How do I love (& respect) thee? Let me count the ways…

In no particular order:
1. He loves me unconditionally.
2. He takes care of me, even when I’m having a pity-party.
3. He introduced me to salsa!
4. He’s a computer genius.
5. Tall, dark, and handsome. Need I say more?
6. He’s a solid Christian with more questions than answers.
7. He does the dishes. That should be enough right there, right?
8. He’s the best dad ever.
9. He holds his own in a sea of XX chromosomes.
10. He works hard.
11. He fixes anyone’s computer issues. Just ask him.
12. His laugh.
13. He makes me laugh.
14. He challenges me.
15. He genuinely loves to see my craft and scrapbook accomplishments.
16. He mows the lawn.
17. He doesn’t mind getting my ice cream or bringing ice water to my nightstand…every night.
18. He doesn’t think I’m terribly insane.
19. He loves my family, even when we act insane.
20. He doesn’t try to be forgetful. In fact he tries everything humanly possible to remember anything he can.
21. He loves his family.
22. He’s calm, especially when I’m not.
23. He’s sensible.
24. His goatee.
25. He says “Thank you for dinner” almost every night.
26. He freely admits his shortcomings.
27. He vacuums, mops, and cleans toilets whenever I ask. And he’s definitely better at vacuuming than I am, so I ask that a lot.
28. He treats the 5 girls in this house like queens and princesses.
29. He cleans up when the girls get sick.
30. Soft hands.
31. The only time he ever lied to his mother was when she asked him if I was pregnant and I was, but we weren’t telling yet.
32. He brought Thai food into our lives.
33. He supports the GEMS ministry in so many ways.
34. If he’s home when I get home from a Costco run, he unloads the van.
35. He’s him.
Love you, babe and Happy 35th birthday!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Ed, but I have it on good authority that in actuality I am the best dad ever (though I have yet to receive a mug or shirt as evidence).

Other than that, there's apparently a lot of good qualities about you! Happy Birthday.

Ed said...


Thanks, hon.

Though "dark" may be overstating things a bit. :-)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Ed! I hope you get your jalapenos tonight :)

Julie said...

Ed, your hair is dark enough. :)

Bryan said...

What a virile, handsome man. He looks like the Terminator!

Speaking, Jacob, of shirt-evidence, last Christmas one of my daughters gave me a T-shirt that said, "World's Greatest Dad, 2005". After seeing a similar (more, um, recent) shirt on a friend's dad, she'd been searching for one and finally found it at the Goodwill. You've just got to love those kids!

Mindy K said...

Wow, what a cute post! Happy Birthday Ed.