Sunday, September 20, 2009

All kinds of crazy

I spent the entire morning on Friday at Sarah’s school in meetings for her 6th grade musical. It’s going to be great, but it’s also going to be cRaZY. I feel badly for the music teacher because I think only half of the parents of 6th graders signed up to volunteer and yet all the 6th graders are in the musical. I was assigned to all four volunteer spots that I said I was OK with – I’m guessing because she needed bodies. But, we’re ready to work on it like cRAzy for the next 8 weeks.

Sarah made us all crAZy opening her audition result letter:

Audition results In the end, she was pretty excited about the singing part she landed and I’m pretty sure she’s going to steal the show.

Remember those glasses of Sarah’s we ordered on Tuesday that were supposed to take one to two weeks to come back? Friday afternoon – got the call – the glasses are in! So, Sarah & I make a CrAzY trip to Bellingham on Saturday morning to pick up the glasses, then we run all over town looking for a “cute” case for them (finally found one at the Dollar Store. Yay!) and get back by lunch in order for Ed to go on his birthday hike.

Yep, Ed’s birthday is coming up. He’s going to be 35. I’ll blog more about him on his birthday, but let me just say…I sure hope he doesn’t have some kind of crAzY mid-life crisis now that he’s past his prime. ;)

Ed went on his hike on Saturday afternoon up Sumas Mountain with his friend & co-worker, Todd. I’m going to let Ed do a guest-post on my blog about that and post his own pictures. I don’t know what the pictures are and I think it’d be great to have a different voice on here.

Here’s the girl with her new spectacles:


and being CraZY:


I made this cute calendar. It doesn’t have anything to do with crAZy except that I ran out of magnets, so there’s no “18” and it’s weird I ran out of magnets since it was part of a kit and they usually have extra of everything in their kids and the “they” I am referring to is my very favorite store of all time, Treasury of Memories, and they just announced that they are closing, which is cRAzY since it’s such a popular place, and I am sooooo sad. Anyway, the calendar comes with all the month titles, so I can use it and change it out, etc. Pretty cute.


On any given sunny afternoon, these girls can be found in our backyard.

_MG_2807  They are just the sweetest. Often there’s 2 or 3 more around, too.

And here they are being CRAZY!


That’s the crAZinESs of our life in one small-ish blog post.


Mindy K said...

ToM is closing!?!?!
I am in shock.
That is CrAzY!

Mindy K said...

ToM is closing?!?!?!
I am in shock.
That is CRAZY.

Melissa said...

So my friend Jessica & I went yesterday to the sale but decided to not wait in the line that was almost twice wrapped around inside the store for only a few dollars worth of loot :) Love how CRAZY your life is, fun to read about :)

Julie said...

Mindy - I do not know the "real" reason, but the public reason is that Elizabeth wants to spend time with her kids. Maybe that's all there is to it, but it was a shock to everyone, including employees! Melissa - I went last night and the line only went down the one aisle and turned the corner so it only took a half hour. It wasn't too bad, but the store was half sold out by then! I don't think they'll be open much more than a week or so!