Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Kindergartener

Today I sent Becca off to Kindergarten. I’ll admit it. I cried. Not in front of her, but it was tough holding it together. She was great, though. She’s always been pretty independent. As a baby, she wanted to be held so that she was upright and facing away from whoever was holding her. She wanted to see the world. Look at her now.



Ready to take on the world!

As a toddler and preschooler, she hated shoes. It still takes some serious searching to find shoes she’ll tolerate on her feet. These are the same shoes as last year, only brown instead of pink. Thank goodness for Payless!


Becca’s a real drama queen. I imagine her teacher will get to know that side of her eventually.


Her sisters begged for a photo with her on her first day of Kindergarten. They’ve always taken good care of their little sister.


And we had to do the 3 pairs of feet as well…


Preschool taught this child well. She knew just what to do when we got to her class. She hung up her stuff and sat down at a table to do one of the activities.


I told Becca she wasn’t allowed to go back to Kindergarten. Elise & I missed her too much. She didn’t go for that idea. ;)

I got to spend the day playing with Elise. I did not play right. She kept having to tell me how to do it. I apparently don’t know all the things Becca knows. I think Elise will be very glad to go to preschool on Friday. I hope I’m glad.

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aditya said...

Good to hear Becca is going to kindergarten ,yeah she looks great.All the best wishes for her future.Elise to preschool that sounds real fun .