Thursday, September 3, 2009

Silly girls

Here I am, worrying and praying all day for Sarah at her auditions. She comes home and says, "Thanks for the note in my lunch, Mom, but I had a misunderstanding about auditions. They're NEXT Thursday." Great.

Becca caught a grasshopper. He's in the little terrarium we have outdoors for just such occasions as capturing God's creatures for (very) brief periods of time. The neighbor girl named the grasshopper. His name is Susan. Oh, how that made me laugh.

We found out today that our JCPenney bill was past due. That's funny, we didn't remember getting a bill. We check the account online. They have our correct phone number, but the address on file was our address from 15 years ago! No wonder we didn't get a bill. How weird is that? That was FOUR addresses ago, plus we've gotten plenty of bills at our current address. How does that happen? So I call. JCPenney is located in some foreign country, apparently. I quickly ascertain that the pleasant woman on the other end of the line is NOT going to understand what I am trying to say. I ask for a manager. I wait a LONG time. I get another non-English-speaking woman. I think it's the same woman trying to disguise her voice. She says, "This is your correct address, no?" I say that it is NOT our correct address. She says, "This phone number is not correct, yes?" I say the phone number is correct. Good grief. She says they will reverse the $30+ late fees and surcharges. That's good, since I'm pretty sure *I* didn't change my address on record back to where I lived 15 years ago.

This would be a good time for me to do a quick movie review. If you haven't seen "Outsourced", you should. Not a great movie, but interesting and funny. When you're watching, just pretend that those people all work for JCPenney.

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