Friday, September 4, 2009

My Preschooler and other pleasant stuff







and After:


Preschool plum tuckered that child out.

Here’s a picture of Susan the grasshopper…or is it Grass-y…or Tall-y…? The name keeps changing. _MG_2510-1


It’s here! But it’s not up & running yet. I don’t know what people do who don’t have a computer geek, oh, I mean genius, for a husband. I would never be able to get all the stuff from the broken laptop over to the new and pretty laptop without him. Poor guy, he’s been so crazy busy with the new product at work. Last night he was running back & forth between my laptop, his computer (beta testing) and doing all the garbage and recycling in the house. I don’t think he fully finished any one thing. He’s a guy you know, they don’t multi-task well. But, now he has a 3-day weekend so I know he’s hoping to finish my laptop and do all sorts of other wonderful things because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

Isn’t she pretty? I should name her don’t you think?


And we saw this bit of creation when we stepped outside this morning to take Elise’s first day of preschool pictures.


Now if that isn’t just awesome.

And I hate spiders. Like no one else. So, it must be even more awesome to people who can appreciate the benefit that those creatures give to God’s green earth.

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Melissa said...

All your girls looked so cute for their first day of school! It's amazing how quickly they grow and now all of them are in school (Well, Elise half way) :)