Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Becca!

Today Becca is six years old! She is a Kindergartener who is absolutely full of life. There is never a dull moment when Becca is around.

There is a twinkle in her eye that is both mischievous and delightful. She loves deeply. I can hardly believe that my little bugga-boo is growing up. Do you know how she got the nickname Bugga-boo? Her big sisters were saying “Becca becca becca” over and over so fast that it sounded like “Bugga.” So Bugga-boo it was. One time when she was only about 3 weeks old I had her doing “tummy time” on the floor of her room with her sisters around her talking to her. She was SO MAD. She did not like tummy time and she was screaming her head off. She got so upset that she flipped over onto her back! Amazingly enough, I was video taping her at the time and caught it on video!

Becca insisted upon arriving in this world in her own time. She’s as determined now as she was then. I was 5 days overdue when she was born, but had been to the hospital 3 times, 3 days in a row, thinking I was in labor. But NOOOOOOO. When we got home the 3rd time, my doctor called to schedule an induction for two days later. She said, and I quote, “Usually, when I schedule an induction, the baby decides to come all on its own.” An hour later, real labor started. I went in to the hospital the next morning, since the real labor had not progressed, but just was annoying all night long. When I walked into the hospital, the nurse, who had seen me for the past 3 mornings, took pity on me, checked me in, called the doctor, and got the induction started right then and there. My poor body took a while to kick in and Becca wasn’t born until 45 minutes after that nurse left. She wasn’t happy with me the next morning when she came to work. ;) We went home from the hospital 15 minutes before my originally scheduled induction. Hooray! And we were so thankful and happy to bring our 3rd baby girl home. We love you, Becca and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday also to my Grandma and to my dear friend TN! Hope you have a great day!

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