Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Field Trips

I was trying to explain to Becca on Friday morning that I might not come to her field trip to BBF pumpkin patch if it was still raining. Elise & I would have already spent the morning at SR pumpkin patch in the rain and I wasn’t sure we would want to spend the afternoon doing pretty much the same thing. Becca looked at me with her big sad eyes and pouty lips and said, “It’s OK, Mom. You don’t *have* to come on *my* field trip.”

Oh, for goodness sake. I surely do now.

So I went with Elise on her field trip and it only poured on us for the first little bit and then it was just a drizzle, so it was not miserable as we anticipated. We had a good time and the best part of the day was sneaking off to the donut shop and getting cider donuts to share between the two of us. It was educational too, though. We learned that honey is really bee spit. (We learned lots of other things, too, but that’s the memorable tidbit.)

I didn’t take my camera on the field trip due to the rain, but I took this before we left:

Elise pumpkin patchIt’s not a great picture, but it commemorates our morning together. Isn’t she the cutest in that little hat?

After lunch and some snuggling to warm up, we headed to Becca’s field trip. The best part of that one was watching the pumpkin farmer launch pumpkins on a catapult and try to hit the outhouse. Seriously. It was hysterical! This was a purely fun field trip. I think the education comes later at school when they do all sorts of measurement activities with pumpkins.

Again, I didn’t take my camera due to the rain, but I took this of Becca and the pumpkin she chose after she got home from school:


Even though it was wet and a tad bit cold, it was a great day. There isn’t anything better than time with my girls.

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