Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I would make a bad farmer

It’s true. I’m not into messy stuff. But even worse, I get tired of the harvest. Seriously. Any farmer that gets tired of harvest…well…that farmer wouldn’t make very much money.

I was informed by my family this weekend that we had more red tomatoes. Seriously? I’m so tired of tomatoes. What on earth is my tomato plant doing producing more tomatoes in October? Goodness. I thought I had made my last batch of salsa. Apparently not.


I’m really behind on my Photo of the Day business. So…here’s a little catch-up with the missing photos:

September 26: This little musical has been consuming a lot of my life lately:

_MG_3198It’s Sarah’s 6th grade musical. It’ll be performed November 19 & 20. Until then, I’ll be reading that book pretty much every day. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work. I wouldn’t miss being involved for anything.

September 27: I am soooo loving my Bible Study this year!


September 28 was those pictures of Katiebug.

September 29: I’ve been walking with a friend a couple times a week and it was so cold one morning that the girls begged for hot cocoa when we got home. They love hot cocoa.



  September 30: Life has been so busy. This is how I can tell:

_MG_3197 Countertop full of JuNk. Ooooh. But see that? That’s a coupon for free chocolate. You can have one too. You just go to the M&M website on Fridays and sign up and you’ll get a coupon for a free candy bar in the mail. You can even use it on Dove chocolate. Mmmm.

October 1 was the picture of Ed & I from 16 years ago.

October 2 & 3: I was at our church women’s retreat. It was AWESOME. I’m still processing. I might blog about it more eventually. The main thing I want to remember from it is that God’s grace is like warm blankets, being piled high on top of  us in the cold of winter, over and over. And when we share God’s grace, or give someone else grace, we are piling those same blankets over them. What a great image.

_MG_3008Our retreat committee. Love these gals. They worked hard and prayed hard with me for this retreat for months now. It’s been good.

_MG_3161  Our local retreat center serves the best meals. That dessert is a classic and one of my favorites. They make everything so yummy and pretty.

October 4: Now that school is in full swing, our “wall of fame” is getting full. Fun stuff.


October 5: Last night I had a counselor meeting and those GEMS Counselors did it again – they had great ideas, lots of energy and willingness, and we were so productive! We pretty much covered everything we needed to cover. We planned our theme night using our theme resource book:

_MG_3189Our theme is on prayer. It’s gonna be good.

And so, now we’re to today, which is back to those tomatoes. Anybody want some salsa?


The Vandenbergs said...

You are so funny, Julie...
In regards to the M&M coupon - you do know that the promotion has ended...so VERY sad.

Anyway...looking forward to a family pic and getting together for Catan. WOO HOO!

Julie said...

No, Scott & Amy, I did not know that the promotion has ended! I just tried to get to the M&M site and Yellow said, "Americans love their chocolate so much that I can't get into the site!" and so...the site is down...but I just did it a couple weeks ago, cause that coupon just arrived in the mail! :( I am very sad about that.

See you all soon!