Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A fun day

Yesterday we got out of our post-Christmas blues! Hooray! We spent the morning around the table, working on thank-you cards and other projects. Just being together. Just chatting. Fun.

In the afternoon we headed out for a free hour of gymnastics and rock wall climbing at a local gymnastics academy – part of the parks & rec department promo. It was a madhouse of people, but the girls had a great time. Some neighbors came, which made it even more fun! The pictures are terrible, but I just don’t have the professional camera required to take good pictures in a gym. My big lens came in very handy, but it doesn’t have a low enough f/stop and I don’t have a big enough flash to take really good pictures in that situation.

In the evening we were invited to the L’s for dinner, cookie decorating, and games. It was super fun – Mrs. L is the music teacher and we {heart} her! What a good day.

_MG_6343 Bethany climbing the rock wall.

_MG_6348 Sarah’s turn!

_MG_6357Elise loved the gymnastics. Here she is hanging from a bar and is about to drop into a huge pit full of blue foam squares. Apparently on Elise’s 2nd round through the gymnastics course, she told her instructor, at almost every station, “I know how to do this. I already did it.” Sheesh.

_MG_6364  Becca & Elise are such good friends…even on the gymnastics floor.

_MG_6388 Time for headstands!

_MG_6414 Bethany swinging from the bar over the blue pit of foam.

_MG_6415 And Sarah…

_MG_6468 Beautiful cookie, Elise!

_MG_6470 Thanks, Mrs. L for a fun night!

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Ed said...

Those pictures look pretty good to me, considering how far away we were and the indoor lighting. That picture of the older girls swinging is hardly blurry, and it was on the far side of the gym! Yay, zoom lens! And yay, Julie -- you're getting really good! :-)