Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two Years

Our family has a lot of things going on today…basketball, recitals, birthday parties, Christmas shopping…but we wanted to first stop and remember Mom/Grandma Freeman, since on this day two years ago she was taken home to heaven to be with Jesus. We are thankful she is without pain and no longer suffering, but we miss her so much. We love you, Mom/Grandma!

Some of my favorite memories of my mother-in-law include: receiving a card at college from her after Ed & I got engaged – it said “Welcome to the family!”; learning how to crochet from her in the back of a rental car on the way to Montana; many many games of cards -  mostly Hearts, Rook, and Euchre; having her visit for Sarah’s birthday every year until she got sick; the look on her face when Ed neglected to open the car door for me when we left our own wedding reception; showing her around the state of Washington; learning her special way to cut an onion (which I still cannot do properly, but I also cannot cut an onion without thinking of her); hearing her tell how she unexpectedly started to cry with joy on her way to work the morning Sarah was born; when she & Erik surprised us in Albuquerque on Thanksgiving; and there are more. I am grateful to have known and loved her. I am grateful for how she raised my wonderful husband. I am grateful she was given life enough to have met all of my children.

One of my favorite pictures of her from a visit about 11+ years ago:


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