Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dee!

Today is my friend Dee’s birthday. Little did I know when I met a young doctor for the first time after he dropped off his then 3rd grade daughter at Sunday School at Bethel for the first time, and I had just dropped off my then second-grade and Kindergarten daughters at Sunday School at Bethel for the first time, just over 4 years ago, that his wife would become one of my most cherished blessings since moving “back home.”

Since she has a public blog and isn’t worried about posting anything on the world wide web for all to see…

Happy Birthday, Dee! I know. I owe you a coffee.

(Elise just climbed up on my lap and I asked her who is in that picture. She said, “That’s Katie!” I told her it’s Katie’s Mom and she said, “It looks like Katie, Mom. I’m serious.”)


Mother Superior said...

Oh Julie, I have much better pictures than this one - next year remind me and I'll bring you a couple of really cute ones.
See you in February.

Julie said...

Alice - I wanted so much to get a picture from you, but I do not have your e-mail! :( It seems like something I need to have, don't you think? :) See you soon!!!