Thursday, January 7, 2010

More gifts, some secrets, and a flashback

This past Sunday was the end of Christmas for the girls. My folks brought back gifts from their aunt & uncle in CA and they got to open them on Sunday. So much fun to have one more gift to open before reality hit on Monday morning!

_MG_6767 Books for Sarah (my voracious reader and book collector). She was thrilled!

_MG_6790 A warm and colorful scarf for Bethany, the beauty & comfort girl.

_MG_6779 Clothes for school for the one who LOVES to go to school.

_MG_6798 Slippers that match the slippers for her American Girl Doll for my drama queen.


One of Bethany’s friend’s mom’s introduced us to “Secret Keeper Girl”, a Christian book of dates for moms to do with their tween daughters. She invited us to join her and her daughter in working through the book (on our own) and then meet together for date #6 (shopping with friends). We decided to go ahead and do it with Bethany and also with Sarah and we invited one of Sarah’s friend’s and her mom to join us! We had our first Secret Keeper Girl dates during Christmas break, which involved a tea party and talk about being the beautiful masterpiece that God has created and that God is working on! We’re ALL looking forward to date #2!

_MG_6803  _MG_6760

And finally, this morning I had a flashback to my childhood. I remember vividly (plus my mom tells the story all the time, so if I didn’t remember vividly, I would at least think that I remember it) playing with my Little People (which in those days were the skinny, wood, choking-hazards) and setting them all up on the open space at the top left side of the town and I would play that they would go to church. I would have them sing hymns and everything! So this morning, I was making lunches and this is what I observed Elise doing:


All the Little People, gathered on the top left side of the castle. And you guessed it, they’re at church. Do you know what they’re singing? Ere Zij God. Apparently language has no barriers in this house.

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michele said...

Secret Keeper Girl sounds wonderful~ I feel so blessed to have a daughter to do fun things like this with some day.
Our children are incredible blessings, aren't they?! Your pictures are so fun!