Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random List of SYSK INPO

SYSK= Stuff You Should Know

INPO= In No Particular Order

1. My blog: Google is ignoring our payment for storage space and apparently also our 10 emails asking them to straighten out the situation. According to the recording I got when I called Google, after pressing 2, then 3, then 9, then 3, “Google has no live customer support at this time.” We don’t even know what to do anymore to straighten this out. I’m irritated with Google. I still can’t post pictures.

2. My side-bar: I removed a number of blogs from the side-bar, in case you care. I wasn’t reading half of them, and it was clutter in my “computer-world” and I’m in a “get rid of clutter” mood lately.

3. Saving Money (couponing) vs. Health: A number of those blogs I removed from my side-bar were couponing blogs. I was really getting into the couponing…getting stuff for free or saving 86% at the grocery store is pretty cool. BUT I found myself bringing home items I would not otherwise bring home, just because they were free or nearly free! So now we have junk in our house, and we had previously been trying to have more whole, natural, foods in our house. And guess what? When junk is in the house, it’s a whole lot easier to eat junk. And guess what else? When you eat junk, you don’t lose the 5 pounds you’re trying to lose.

There have been a number of health-related issues in our family of late, which have reminded me again that we are what we eat and I need to provide more whole and natural foods for my family in order to keep us healthy. I’m not giving up couponing, but I’m just not going to go out and do every deal just because it’s a deal. Only the stuff I would buy anyway (like shampoo, etc.), and no more junk.

4. Hauling mulch: It’s not a good idea to use your thigh when tipping over a wheelbarrow full of mulch. If you do, you will probably end up with massive amounts of bruises on your thigh. I have some great pictures of said mulch, and if Google ever cooperates, you’ll get to see them. No pictures of the bruises, lucky for you.


Melissa said...

That's so frustrating! I hope Google gets things straightened out for you soon. I am looking forward to your pictures whenever that happens.

You're right, free stuff can be tempting, but it's never really stuff we should be eating. Good for you in deciding to lessen that :)

The Mom said...

I hope you can find your 'happy balance' with the coupon stuff. I struggle with that too. It is nice to get the toiletries for free. :)