Monday, March 29, 2010


1. We’re back from San Jose. It was AWEsome. Someday, eventually, details and pics will be posted.

2. I’m still pretty ticked at Google. We finally got an email last Thursday that our order for additional storage is “apparently stuck”. No Kidding! They said “Please allow 24 hours for it to be cleared and then you can order more storage.” Guess how many hours ago that was? Um, just a minute…I have to get a calculator out to figure that out… One hundred nineteen hours, 54 minutes, and 37 seconds. Or so. Guess what else? Our order is still stuck.

3. I saw Google’s HQ in San Jose. I thought about buying some eggs to throw at the building, but I didn’t want to get arrested and not be able to get on the flight home.

4. I plan to have a Gratituesday post tomorrow, but am not getting my hopes up that pictures will be posted. I have various posts I’d love to get up for your enjoyment. Maybe if everyone who reads my blog emails Google to complain that life just can’t go on without my updates, we’ll make some progress.

5. I have a stack of papers approximately 3 feet high to go through, menus to plan, laundry to work on, shopping lists to create, and, unfortunately, a TON of yardwork to deal with. Good-bye.

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