Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do you know the way to San Jose?

I do! And I’d like to head back there someday soon. Maybe BibleTech 2011 will be there, or someplace even better! Like Hawaii. Somebody tell Bob Hawaii would be good.

This was the 3rd annual BibleTech conference, hosted by Logos. The first two years it was held in Seattle, so when the move was made to San Jose, I jumped at the chance for a getaway with Ed! Of course, he was in meetings until very late on Friday, and most of Saturday, but we had our evenings and all day Sunday to spend time together, plus I had the opportunity to spend time with other Logos wives.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about that part. One of the wives I knew ended up not being able to go, so I only knew one other wife that was going--Susan. And I knew Tamara was going, but I had never met her, and I also knew that Tamara and Susan were already friends, so I was nervous about how it would all go! I should NOT have worried. Tamara is great. Susan is great. Another wife, Erin (also great), ended up going with us on our adventures, so there were 4 of us, and we had a fabulous time. We all got along really well and I am so thankful. I only have friendships with a couple other Logos connections, having never lived in the same town as Logos or most other employees. But now I feel I have more Logos friendships and I am thrilled because that will make it so much easier to attend Logos functions.

For the full story on our adventure, hijinks, and shenanigans, click on the links below. Sorry, these are not my normal Picasa Web Albums, because of course, Picasa is hosted by Google and Google has still not corrected the problem. Ed emails them every day. I will switch these over to Picasa when I get my Google storage, but until then, enjoy them here:

San Jose Travel Day & Day 1

San Jose Day 2

San Jose Day 3

And just a few of my favorite photos, because a post is no fun without photos:


I could so seriously get used to life here.

_MG_9437 _MG_9877 _MG_9910 _MG_9981 IMG_0027 Love this one. Thanks, Ed, for documenting the fact that I sat outside in the sun and chatted with the girls while you drooled over the Babbage Difference Engine in the Computer History Museum. (Wow, aren’t you impressed that I know what it’s called?) :)

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