Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday afternoon in Michigan

I think I’ll blog about my Michigan trip in a sporadic order. On Sunday afternoon when I got back from my training, Randy picked me up at the airport. We had to stop at Calvin to fix up his lab for the next day and we took a few pictures. After my nephew’s nap we headed to the Butterfly Garden for a photo shoot and some fun! My nephew wasn’t entirely cooperative, but I got some fun pictures. My grandma came over for dinner and we had a great evening!

Pictures and more details here!

P.S. to Family: if you want any of the pictures on this web album with any additional editing…different sizes, b&w, choc b&w, vignettes, etc., just let me know. I didn’t have time to make a bunch of different styles of the same pictures. I wanted to get them up so everyone could see. I’m happy to do it to whichever pictures you want, though!

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