Friday, April 9, 2010

Swimming Facts

1. If we travel from small town America to small town Canada to go swimming, we will likely run into someone we know.

2. Sarah: is very, VERY, strong.

3. Elise: is crazy.

4. Bethany’s smiles are contagious.

5. Becca: is funny.

6. Elise: is insane.

7. There is a reason why, as we drive up to the border, I always remind Ed: “We’re going to {blank}, we live in {blank}, Yes, we are all U.S. Citizens.” Things like that. Tonight, coming home, I thought I’d let him try it on his own. That will not be happening again.

8. Swimming pools are cold. Hot tubs are hot. And wonderful.

9. Eating ice cream after swimming and being cold seems odd, but it is our tradition and we {heart} it.

10. Elise should have been born a fish.

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