Friday, April 9, 2010

Playing catch-up and a recap

As was so kindly pointed out by Dee, it has been a while since I blogged. Apparently you all (or, at least, SHE) really cares about what I post on my blog! I am touched. Truly touched. So, I have spent much time today choosing pictures and working on updating my blog for all of you, my faithful readers.

And if you actually read this entire blog, which will be long, I thank you for your patience.

Let’s start with finishing up a forgotten San Jose trip item:

_MG_0055 These are my cute little door knob pulls I bought on Santana Row! They will be on the scrapbooking cabinet once I eventually paint it “cotton ball white”. So pretty.

And then the Sixth Grade Mexican Fiesta!

_MG_0059 Sarah & her friends enjoying a taco lunch provided by some moms.

_MG_0064 Dancing the cha-cha. We borrowed the skirt – it’s actually from Mexico! We were so grateful.

_MG_0069 The 6th graders invite the 1st graders to dance with them. Sarah asked “E” from our church. They had a great time!

_MG_0087 Doing the limbo. What was really funny is that Becca & Elise were behind Sarah and of course, they just walked under the bar as if to say, “What’s the big deal?”

_MG_0149Bethany had a soccer game on Saturday – the first one I had been able to go to. It was windy, and cold, but sunny. Except. Do you see those dark clouds? Yeah, a few seconds after I took that picture the hail started coming down sideways. The girls were literally running backwards on the field because they couldn’t see if they ran into the hail. I ended up having to take Elise & Becca to the van for the last half of the game. We were drenched!

_MG_0144I did manage to get a couple shots of Bethany playing before the storm hit and I had to hid my camera under the blanket.

_MG_0130 Go, Bethany! She’s really getting into it and is not scared at all. She hasn’t scored any goals or anything, but she’s doing great. I am so proud of her!

We went straight from Bethany’s hailstorm soccer game to Sarah’s babysitting class graduation. We looked a mess, but they let her graduate, anyway.

_MG_0162 What an awesome class it was! Thanks fire department, and the Lions Club and the Kiwanis Club for sponsoring it.

When we got home, we had tons of chores waiting for us to complete before Easter.

_MG_0169 Yep, that’s Ed, pressure-washing the last bits of the mulch off the driveway. Hooray! It is gone!

To thank Ed for taking on that chore of mine, I did this:

_MG_0170 _MG_0173 _MG_0172 He liked it very much. Well, okay, I would have made the deviled eggs anyway. I had to bring them to Easter dinner. But I did let him enjoy a couple ahead of time.


Last Saturday night we had to finish up our Easter decorating projects. Our glitter eggs turned out so pretty!


And finally, it was Easter Sunday morning. Cold & windy, but sunny!

_MG_0244My beautiful girls were all smiles once I found a shady spot so they didn’t have to look into the sun.

Church and then the afternoon at my parents with Grandma, Aunt N and Uncle J!

_MG_0344_MG_0371_MG_0332 Lots of surprises there! Bethany couldn’t believe there were TWO candies in the egg and Becca was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to get the new “Goldilicious” book in her Easter bag.

_MG_0362 My mom and my aunt

Then spring break began and it has been wild ever since. On Monday I did this:

_MG_0481 _MG_0484 Willow Wind green, in case you’re wondering. So pretty. LOVE it. But painting kitchens is brutal (& I only did ONE wall!) and it takes a long time to paint two coats on those large walls. So, that was  Monday, and Tuesday was pretty much spent cleaning up the mess and putting things back. There’s nothing like getting up close and personal with your baseboards during painting to realize how much they need a good scrubbing. So of course I couldn’t just put everything back. I had to clean. A lot. I’m insane. I so have better things to do than clean. But whatever. It’s clean now.

On Wednesday afternoon we picked Ed up at work and headed to the Whatcom Museums. We had intended originally to go to the tulips, but with the cold and wind and scattered hail/sleet/snow/driving rain that we have been prone to all week, we elected to take advantage of FREE DAY at the Whatcom Museums! It was fun, but I sure am glad I didn’t pay $10 a person for that!

_MG_0384A graphic art piece called “Bloom” – the girls thought it was pretty cool.

_MG_0394  The wall of windows at the “Lightcatcher”

_MG_0419 _MG_0421 _MG_0430_MG_0403 _MG_0410 _MG_0442 _MG_0446 I found out, after taking a number of pictures inside, that no photography is allowed inside this museum. Oops. Sorry. I guess I won’t be posting them on the Internet, then. It was Ed’s fault, though. He saw a painting of old downtown Bellingham, and the Flatiron Building was on it and he wanted a picture of it. So, we have a picture, but the lady almost confiscated my camera.

After the museums, we went to Costco. Then the plan was to go for an early dinner at Olive Garden since we had a coupon. But Ed made a wrong turn. I started to kindly direct him that he should have turned left instead of going straight. He completely ignored me. I was annoyed because I thought he wanted dinner. He drove to the AT&T building, where I thought he was going to turn around. Nope. He parked, asked for my cell phone and said, “What color do you want?”


Here’s what I got:

_MG_0488 Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

I honestly did not think I would ever want one, but in recent weeks, having more exposure to other people’s IPhone’s, I decided it would be a great accessory for me. He bought me black and then made me go in to pick out a case. As you can see, I got pink. ‘Cause I’m a girl and I like pink and I can have pink!

It’s pretty cool, though I still don’t really know how to use it.

Anyway, we did have a great dinner at Olive Garden afterwards and have so far spent far too much time setting up that phone. But it’s fun.

Yesterday Sarah had her first babysitting job while my new friend Tamara & I had coffee. We then did stuff around the house, Bethany had soccer, I ran some errands, etc.

Today one of Sarah’s friend’s from MV and her mom came for most of the day:

_MG_0480 These two have been friends since Sarah was 6 weeks old, along with another girl. It’s amazing that the 3 have stayed friends even since we moved away. Precious friendships. Hopefully lifelong.

And now, tonight, we are going swimming at the wave pool. There will be no pictures of that, sorry to disappoint.

The end.

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dee said...

YEAH! You made my day! I love your walls and can't wait to see them (and you) in person on Tuesday. Thanks for the updat...I was getting crabby.