Friday, June 18, 2010

Elise’s Birthday

Elise turned four a week and a half ago or so. We had quite a few celebrations! First she had a birthday dinner and cake at my parent’s house with my grandma. I had to take pictures of her with every single present she got. Which, if you know my parents, was A LOT. It’s just one box, of course, but there are 3 dolls on the bow and inside there are always a few books, some clothes, and some toys. Always. And I had to take pictures of her with every single thing. It was pretty funny.

_MG_3186 I chose just one sweet smile of her with her new Tinkerbell sunglasses. She’s on a real Tinkerbell kick lately.

_MG_3205 My Mom baked her a cake and my Dad decorated it. She blew out all 4 candles in one blow!

Then on her actual birthday we went out of dinner, of course. Elise chose Billy McHale’s which we all love, plus we have good coupons to eat there.

_MG_3233 The girls made a sign to put on the train that runs above diner’s heads at the restaurant.

_MG_3238 The waitress brought an ice cream sundae and a bunch of the staff came and sang to her. She wasn’t so keen on the singing, but she was pretty happy with the sundae. She shared it. Until it was almost gone.

_MG_3239 _MG_3240 _MG_3241 _MG_3242 Yeah, I think she enjoyed that.

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Bryan said...

Very cute pictures of a very cute girl. The birthday cake one has awesome lighting!