Friday, June 18, 2010

New Collection

Last summer I started collecting old cameras. I happened upon an old, totally non-functional, cool-looking camera at a garage sale for $5. I loved it. Bought it.

What does one do with just one old camera? Not much. That’s not a very good collection. I needed more, but I never found any.

Until March. That’s when Ed & I went to San Jose for his work and I played in the sun with a bunch of Logos wives all day. You can refresh your memory about that trip here. One of the fun things we did was browse through a couple antique shops. And we found old cameras. And so my collection grew by one.

In April, I begged my brother to give me back my old Pentax K1000 which I had in high school. I gave it to him, years ago, for some unknown reason (he must have promised me his car or something). He seemed hesitant to return that camera to me, after all these years of him not using it and storing it and carting it around the country. So, I told him, that he could make sure he got my name in the gift exchange next Christmas and he could give it to me for Christmas. He seemed open to that idea. Blogging about it here is just a reminder to him. :)

THEN! A couple weeks ago, I went to some garage sales with my friend Beth and I totally SCORED!


L-R: I think the guy at this garage sale thought I would take all his camera stuff off his hands, so he offered anything I wanted for free. Heh. The other stuff was junk…old slides and whatnot. But that little camera was kind of cute, so I bought it took it off his hands. I found the brownie in the middle there and while the bulb is missing from the flash, it still looks cool. It was only $5. The one on the right is totally bizarre. I’m not 100% sure it’s even a camera, but the lady claimed that you would buy this box, take 118 pictures, then take out the film inside and send it in to get the pictures developed and you were left with this box. Anyhoo, it looks cool and was also only $5.

So now, I need my friend Tamara to help me display this stuff properly. She’s an organizing and decorating genius and someday, after she’s all finished being pregnant and has gotten used to having 3 children under the age of 3, she’s going to come over and rescue my house. Because she needs more to do.

I think that for the most part, the collection is pretty complete. I’d have to find something pretty awesome in order to add to it at this point. Unless of course my brother gives me my old Pentax back. That would be pretty awesome.


Tamara said...

you've made me smile... thanks! and i would LOVE to help you with organizing and decorating... perhaps you'll get the joy of holding a newborn and i'll get the joy of feeling like "not-a-mama" for an hour or two!! :)

Julie said...

Perhaps? I think MOST DEFINITELY! I LOVE babies. Why do you think I had four of them? ;)