Thursday, June 17, 2010

Field Day

Sshhhhh. Don’t tell Ed, but I’m editing photos and blogging instead of working on the booklet. No, the booklet is not done yet. Yes, I’m totally procrastinating. It’ll get done. I work well under pressure. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

After the excitement of the surprise visit from my brother’s family, we had TONS of end-of-the-school-year-stuff. First up, FIELD DAY for elementary and middle school students!

_MG_3130 See that girl in the front? That’s my future track star. See that boy in the back? Yeah, he was about 150 yards ahead of her when she got the baton from her teammate. She caught him. She passed him.This is in the 4x800 relay (each person runs 200 meters as fast as they can). And I’m not actually just bragging here. Her PE teacher told me she really is fast. It’s not just my mom-perspective.

_MG_3133 Handing off the baton

_MG_3134 Sweet Bethany outside at her last elementary field day. Can you believe that cute thing is going to be in 5th grade? My guess is she’ll have braces on those teeth by the time that happens.

_MG_3144 This was too funny. All her hair just went up and down and up and down as she jumped across the lawn. I could put in a bunch of pictures and you could try to scroll through really fast and then it would be like you were really there watching her jump in her sack. Or maybe not.

_MG_3150 This was the efficient method of removing the children from the sacks. Dump it upside-down and the kid comes out. Usually.

_MG_3155 I then headed back to the high school track to get a picture of Sarah and her friends. Field Day was pretty much over and they were hanging out and waiting for their treats. Aren’t they cute? I wonder how they’ll all look in about 74 days when it’s their first day of 7th grade? Yikes.

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