Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last week Sunday

A full day with my brother and his family. We had *such* a good day. We started with brunch (well, I guess my parents and Josh started with church. The rest of us skipped.) and hung out for a while together. In the afternoon we headed to the Ski to Sea Race since my sister-in-law’s dad and brother were both participating. We went separate ways for a while, walked the street fair, found each other, split up into different groups again, and ended up all together at my parents’ house by 6:30. Lots of fun. We invited my grandma and aunt to come over and didn’t tell them why. They showed up and were VERY surprised to see the visitors! We even managed to convince the girls’ piano/violin teacher to come by for our very own recital since we had missed the official recital the day before when I was picking up the travelers. The girls spent the night there at my parents’ on Sunday night because their FAVORITE thing to do when cousins visit is to have a sleepover!

On Friday the 28th, my nephew turned one and that was the day he took his first steps! He practiced his walking a lot for all of us while he was here. I love this age!


Click here for an album of last Sunday’s pictures.

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