Sunday, June 27, 2010

My friend Dee

has been gone since June 10. And I hardly saw her much before that because I was so busy. She's not coming home for like, forever. I miss her.
And now my friend Amy is gone, too.
And my friend Janet, who I don't see enough the way it is.
I miss them.
Good thing I'm going camping with other good friends pretty soon. And good thing I got to see my friend Tam this week. And good thing I got to see my friend Tracey this past week. And good thing my neighbors are usually home. Because I think otherwise I might go crazy with friend withdrawl.
Come home soon, friends. We need to go have coffee. Or scrapbook. Or take a walk. Or, something.


Mother Superior said...

Just want to let you know that your friend, DeAnn is doing GREAT and her mother is enjoying having her in South Dakota. thanks for sharing. In fact, we've been so busy that we haven't even gone out for foo-foo coffee yet. She & her daughter are out doing a little shopping this afternoon while I'm holding down the fort.
Enjoy camping - we leave Wednesay to do a little camping of our own.

Julie said...

Hi Alice! I'm glad DeAnn is doing great and that everything is going well and that you're enjoying having her there. That's about the only thing that makes it OK for her to be gone so long with no contact whatsoever. ;) Hopefully those tornados stay away while you go camping. Have fun!