Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching up…again

I’m so behind on photos and blogs, so I’m just gonna go for it.

_MG_3891-1We finally had a birthday party for Elise with her friends. Her first one! She had her friends from church plus the neighbors and her sisters. It was a Tinkerbell Party at the park, despite the cool weather. The girls played, made fairy wings, ate cake, and had lots of fun!


On Father’s Day we had my folks and my grandma over for Sunday lunch and made tacos. I think we actually did the same thing last year. Ed fried corn tortillas and everybody gobbled it up. Gave my dad and Ed some presents…

_MG_3919_MG_3924-1Who do you think is the most excited about Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii? Becca or Ed?


My two favorite guys with four of my favorite girls. See their wall-hangings? Courtesy of Treasury of Memories. “Dad Rocks” and “Grandpa Rocks”. So cute. For their office-areas.


Ed’s been begging for a new profile pic for Facebook. This oughta work, right?

_MG_3944-1On Tuesday I met up with my God-send friend, Tracey. You can read about how I met her by clicking here. Yes, I went to Canada to see her. Yes, that is a Tim Horton’s behind her. Yes, I had their coffee and their donuts. Twice. In 3 hours. I hate to admit it, but yes, it’s delicious. It’s no Woods, but it was seriously good coffee. I brought home donut holes, (properly known as “Timbits”) to my family. I am now allowed to go to Canada anytime I want.


Strawberry season is in full swing. YUM-A-LICIOUS! I found a new recipe for strawberry shortcake, which was soooooo melt-in-your-mouth good.

_MG_4064-1No, Becca is not dressed up as Native American here. She is an Egyptian Princess, of course! She was invited to go to a Bible School (which for some reason they called “day camp” and which I thought was weird, so I just called it Bible School) at a local church with our neighbor. SHE. LOVED. IT. Every minute. She sobbed and sobbed when it was over. On the last night they had a little program and the kids sang songs and the leaders told all about what they had done all week. It looked like it was a very well-run Bible School, so I’m guessing we’ll be doing that one again if it works out.

_MG_4065 _MG_4075-1


On Saturday my folks took the girls berry picking. Look at all that berry-liciousness!

_MG_4108My new most favorite-ist thing to do with strawberries these days is freeze them whole on a cookie sheet. Once they’re frozen, I slide them into freezer gallon bags. Then, whenever I want, I take out a handful, throw them in the blender with some vanilla yogurt and viola! A yummmmmmmmy smoothie!

_MG_4110-1Of course, berries on angel food cake with chocolate syrup and whipping cream is pretty amazing, too.

IMG_3911-1And then, some random daily cuteness!


Tamara said...

oh yeah - have i ever mentioned that your girls have the most amazing smiles?! LOVE them (your girls AND their smiles)!

Tamara said...

good tip on HOW to freeze strawberries.... i'm totally doing it that way the next time we get some fresh ones!

as for visiting canada and tim hortons twice in 3 hours and NOT bringing me my absolute favorite glaze-covered, chocolate cake tim bits.... well, this preggo lady has to have some words with you, i suppose! :) next time, k? deal? i'll even pay for them! :)

Julie said...

Yeah, those chocolate glazed timbits were pretty awesome. I had NO IDEA you loved them! Most definitely I will bring you some next time I visit Tracey. Or you & I can go and then shop in the Home Goods store up there. Lots of eye candy. :) It's like, 10 minutes from my house! What's up with you still being preggo, anyway? ;)

Anonymous said...

Julie. . .I thought we had the " I better not end up on your blog chat. . ."!!!! Timmy's is awfully addicting and I'm guessing you haven't tried the sourcream glaze donut yet- you just might get to know the border patrol on a first name basis!!! It was great catching up. I'm sure we'll see more of eachother b/c of faithgirlz~ PTL!!!!!!

Julie said...

Ah Tracey - yes, I said you wouldn't be on my blog. But, sooner or later everyone gets on my blog. ;) Plus, your picture was so GORGEOUS! And how could I talk about Tim Horton's without putting the picture up there? Forgive me? :)