Sunday, July 4, 2010

Swimming for the Little Girls

We decided this year that we weren’t gonna pay for the big girls to have swimming lessons anymore. They know how to swim, they know water safety rules, and they have fun in the water. Good enough. The little girls still need them. I managed to get them into two different classes at the same time and they both LOVE it! Anyone who knows Elise knows that she was pretty much born in the water. (No, not literally. She has loved the water since her first real bath, though.) After just 3 lessons, she has started to actually swim. For real. Not very far, but for real. Becca’s a good little swimmer, too. She just needs more practice with technique and she needs to get stronger and more coordinated.That will all come with age. Four lessons left and I bet by the end Elise will be able to swim around the neighbor’s pools with no problem.



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