Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad & Elias!

Today is a special day because two of my favorite guys are having a birthday! Let me tell you, it was quite a day, two years ago, when I called my dad (on the first day of school, no less) to tell him “Happy 60th Birthday”, heard the down-in-the-dumps-attitude in his voice. I said, “What’s the matter? Are you sad about being 60 or is it because the baby’s not here yet?” He said, “Both!” Little did we know, that my nephew Elias was on his way and was born just hours later! How special to share a birthday!

IMG_5453 My parents recently visited Elias and they celebrated their birthdays together there.

Elias is an amazing kid. He’s a super-smart, swift talker who knows what is going on. His curls and his eyes melt my heart and I love the way he is mesmerized by all things new. When I had the opportunity to visit with him and his parents in April, I begged his parents to get out their violins and play. They consented and we all loved the entertainment, especially Elias! He is a very special little two-year-old and I can’t wait to spend time with him at Christmas! Happy Birthday, Elias! We love you!

My dad is also pretty amazing. His tender heart makes him a loving husband, father, and grandpa. His common sense makes him a clear thinker, good packer, and attentive listener. His creativity makes him fun, a good handy-man, and excellent worship-leader. Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you, too!

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