Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peninsula, Day Two

Our first full day on the peninsula dawned sunny and beautiful. By 10 am we were on our way to the Hoh Rainforest where we spent about 90 minutes hiking the Hall of Mosses Trail, which was beautiful and fun. Laden with moss, of course, large Sitka Spruce, Western hemlock, banana slugs (of which we only saw one), nurse logs, and ferns, we truly enjoyed the sunshine in the rainforest!! While driving in, we had admired the Hoh river, so after leaving the trail, we parked alongside the road and foraged a path down to the river. We spent a good hour there throwing rocks, wading, exploring, and getting wet. Definitely a trip highlight!

Lunch at the “Hard Rain Cafe” was a fun and relaxing break from all our walking and exploring. We even picked some roadside blackberries while eating our burgers outside in the sun!

After a quick stop at the Hoh House and for gas, we were off for our second main adventure: Rialto Beach! “Low” tide was at 4:00 pm and we arrived about 3:30. However, it was a two mile hike to the tide pool area and “Hole in the Wall”. We booked and got the two miles done in about 40 minutes. We were able to see some sea creatures, but because it wasn’t a very low tide, we didn’t see a ton. We were so proud we made it there, though!

On the walk back, the girls took off their shoes and got wet and sandy playing chicken in the waves. After baths and showers back at the Hoh House, we ate more frozen pizza and watched the Heffalump movie together. Very relaxing!

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Tamara said...

you're making me want to dig up my photos from our camping trip there a number of years ago.... we had SO much fun!!