Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Stuff

We’ve been having lots of fun celebrating Becca’s birthday for a few days…


Today we had her family birthday dinner and for dessert she chose freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with ice cream on top. She got a candle AND sprinkles, too!


On Friday I picked her and two friends up from school and took them to the new pottery painting place in town. We had such a good time! These are their “finished” projects (we left them there to be fired and the story is that the color will get a lot brighter after it’s glazed and fired). These girls were such sweeties!


On her actual birthday we brought Rice Krispie Treats with m&m’s to her class. I also got to stay for the whole morning to construct bats out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper with all 75 first graders for Bat Centers!


We don’t really do the trick-or-treating thing, though I do miss the Harvest Parties we used to have with all our friends from before we moved here. Those are some of my most precious memories! Anyway, the girls always have fun coming up with their own costumes. This year Sarah was “the girl who couldn’t decide what to be.” Love that! Bethany was one of my favorites of all time. She was a PUN! She has smarty pants, and a thinking cap. In the cup is water, which is marked information and on the tray is a sponge is is marked information soaker! Ha! She also has gears and wheels on her tray, and a long term memory rock!!! Sooooo funny! Becca was a cowgirl and Elise was Ariel. The reason we have that Ariel costume is because I had a weak moment in a thrift store and felt like being a “yes mom” for once.

I liked that.

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