Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Light Night!

Every year, one of the Advent activities we do as a family is drive around the county and look at Christmas lights. It’s one of our favorites because the girls never know when it’s going to be – we just draw the tag from the Advent Calendar and if it says “Drive around and look at Christmas Lights”, then we head out the door right then and there! Usually, this trip also involves dinner at Sonic Burger, which always makes me want to visit Sonic Burger once a week. Thank goodness it’s about 25 minutes from our house!


Some of my favorite lights are at the entrance to town.



My girls in the van as we’re cruising through town.


Melissa said...

I too love looking at Christmas lights, one of the few things that has not faded with age :)

The Mom said...

Good to know you do this! Maybe next year we will put some lights outside for you to view. :) We drive around looking at lights too - and each vote for which house we think is best. This year we took my grandma with since she doesn't drive at night anymore. Sweet and meaningful memories!