Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have a lot to blog about

but very little time. It's been a busy week and even though Christmas vacation begins at noon on Friday, there is A LOT to do between now and when the fun begins next week Wednesday. There's the finishing of the Christmas shopping, wrapping, creating, mailing, & baking. There's concerts to go to, friends to hang out with, church to attend, and a house to clean. There's laundry to do, little girls to love, books to be read, photos to edit, cooking, straightening, and general tidying. There's dinners to make, stories to tell, performances to prepare for, and, well, you get the idea. When all of these crucial things are finished, I will get caught up on the blogging...I promise!! In the meantime, I sincerely pray you all enjoy this Christmas season, remembering the real reason we celebrate. I intend to focus on that and on my loved ones for the next many days. And if there happens to be a time when Aunt Julie is so overcome by the sweetness of the photograph of a nephew, a picture may pop up on this blog. And if one of my amazing daughters says something wonderful, you may get to read about it. But I don't plan on spending time organizing pictures and writing clever blogs for the next several days. Possibly even a couple weeks. We'll all survive.


Tamara said...

i'll (we'll) miss you, but you'll never regret this decision.... happy family time, dear friend!

Julie said...

Thanks, Tam! Looking forward to time with you antiqueing in January!