Sunday, December 19, 2010

Various Christmas Programs

The girls are in bed, we’ve had a good day together, Ed’s working on the computer, and so I thought I’d get a few pictures posted so that I am not SO far behind!


Elise singing with her StoryHour friends at my Wednesday morning Bible Study. And yes, all those children were as distracted as they look.


Last week Sunday evening was the multi-church Cantata in town. It was beautiful, as usual. My dad is in the Calvin College tie there.



This year there was a youth choir, which Sarah & Bethany both sang in. Loved it!


Sarah’s choir concert was about a week and a half ago or so. Can you find Sarah? That was a joke. Of course you can find her because I circled her face. She’s not singing here, but it’s the best picture I have under those lighting circumstances. Their choir was really pretty good and that’s all thanks to an awesome director and musician. The boys in their too-long-ties crack me up! Junior High kids are so awesome.

The whole concert was wonderful, as it included all of the high school choirs and they ended with “Peace, Peace” which is one of my favorite songs from having sung it in choir in our former church for 10 years at our Christmas Candlelight Service. Ed & I had decided that I would go to the choir concert while he stayed home with the little girls and he would go to the band concert the following week while I stayed home with the little girls. I think I definitely got the better concert. Next year, it’ll be his turn to attend the choir concert.


Sarah’s band concert was this past Tuesday. Ed took a couple pictures and again, I think there is some video, which we’ll have to work on getting online.



Elise had two preschool programs this year because she goes to two different classes. The Wednesday program was great and the kids were totally into it.

The Thursday program was really hilarious, though. One little boy, as expected, did not want to sing. That was all right. Another little boy, who has sung in two preschool programs previously, suddenly decided he wasn’t going to sing and spent the entire program on his dad’s lap with his hands over his ears. Another little boy first decided he didn’t like all the parents taking pictures and started ordering them to stop taking pictures of him. Then, during the singing, he slapped his head to the beat, and when all the parents clapped at the end of each song, he did his best Elvis impersonation and said, “Thank you, thank you very much!” I am quite sure it was the most out of control program that ever has been at my mother’s preschool.

There’s video, but I’m not sure I should post it…

Anyhoo, then, after all the other parents and preschoolers and grandparents left, we gave my mom her present of brandy beans and she promptly ate two. She deserved them. Trust me.

Elise was none-too-thrilled with the uncooperative little boys, as you can imagine. Plus, the little girl next to her was sitting in a different seat than when they had practiced, which was very concerning to Elise. She thought she needed to inform her teacher of all the mis-doings of the other students. She can be quite bossy when she thinks she needs to be. Of course, we all know that’s because she has to vie for attention in this house with 3 big sisters around all the time.


She did cooperate and smiled and waved for my picture, at least.

All right, my 15 minutes on the computer are up for now and I am current on Christmas program pictures until this past Friday. I still have some basketball stories to tell and pictures to post. Hope to get to that before Wednesday afternoon, but we’ll see how the to-do list for Monday and Tuesday pan out.

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