Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Christmas Tree, 2010 Edition

Today was the annual traditional trek to the tree farm with my parents to cut down our Christmas tree. Only, it didn’t end up to be very traditional…

We decided to try a new-to-us, cheaper, tree farm. We should have known, cheaper=not-so-nice. It seems you get what you pay for with Christmas trees as well.

However, during our little jaunt around the ugly tree farm, Becca had a fun discovery!



Wow! That was cool. A perfect little birdie nest. It made our stop so very worthwhile.

We decided to stop at the next tree farm up the road a ways. These trees were very nice. And very expensive. Again, you get what you pay for.

We continued our journey farther up into the mountains and ended at the place we all know & love, which we have gone to almost every year of my life and almost every year of my children’s lives.

As we got out of the truck my dad asked Ed to go get an extra saw. Ed heads towards Dad’s truck. A little light goes on in my head.

Uh, honey, what did you do with that saw Dad gave you at the first tree farm?

Put it in Dad’s truck.

Uh, yeah, honey? That saw wasn’t Dad’s.


Apparently we (accidentally) stole a saw from the ugly tree farm with the birdie nest.

On to the hunt.

We very quickly found two perfect trees at an expected price and proceeded to consume hot cocoa and donuts in the cabin before heading home (with a little side trip to return the stolen saw).

We have kind of a weird tradition in our family. After taking the family picture by the tree we are about to cut down, somebody gets held up over the top of the tree to be the “angel” on the tree. Well, this year, we spiced things up a bit (there I go again, being all spontaneous).


Mom & Dad’s tree. Thanks, Mom, for pointing it out. I wasn’t sure we would know which tree was yours otherwise.


This happened after somebody (I don’t know who) said, “I think that Grandma should be the angel on the tree this year!”

And then…


This next one is my favorite…


And finally, the angel, on top of, sort of, the tree…


Sarah was the official “tree-holder".”


Our turn…



There. I’m the angel, too. Feel better now, Mom?



That was after the donuts and hot cocoa in the cabin. Don’t they all look happy, warm, and like they’re about to go into a sugar coma?

After an afternoon of running around with various and sundry errands, a dinner of pizza, and baths, we finally got to decorate our tree this evening! They were so excited!


Everyone is digging into their personal ornament box to see which ornaments I will allow on this year’s tree. I always have rules…otherwise our tree would fall over with the sheer weight of all the ornaments.




Every year one of the girls gets to put the angel on the top of the tree when we’re done decorating as well. This year was Elise’s turn!


Some favorite ornaments this year:


I got eight of these old antique beauties at a garage sale last spring. I don’t remember how much I paid for them, but not very much. You could ask my friend Tamara, she’d probably remember.


This year Ed & I gave each of the girls one of these angel ornaments. Because they’re our angels. Awwwwww.

Also, they were white, cute, and $1 each.


The finished product. So beautiful. I love Christmas trees!

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