Monday, December 27, 2010

Staying Chronological

I badly want to begin to post some Christmas pictures, but I decided it’d be better to stay chronological. Otherwise I will confuse myself.

Right after school got out for Christmas break, we had some friends over for dinner and games. We wanted to finally beat the kids in our new game “Beat the Parents”, which the kids have won every time we have played. We thought our friends could help.


We posed for pictures before the game started. We were trying to look tough, but us girls were laughing, so we were having a hard time looking tough.


The kids were serious about winning.

So, we thought maybe the parents would win this time. We had our friends to help and they’re older and more treacherous.

Plus, I know they don’t flinch at cheating and I figured we might need to cheat in order to win.

Guess what, cheaters never prosper.

And the game, “Beat the Parents” is rigged.

And you should never think about your answer. You should just say the first thing that comes to mind and go with it.

After the non-helpful parents and tiny children left, their oldest daughter stayed to spend the night. Shhhh, don’t tell these girls I posted this picture.


Their skin was GORGEOUS!

Christmas break is so much fun!

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