Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Everything Fairy

Is there such a thing? An Everything Fairy? Someone who will come in and do everything that needs doing? Pick up the laundry, put it away, find homes for all the things that don’t have homes, clean the bathrooms, including the drawers, toilets, and tubs, do the dishes, fix all the things that are broken, tell Bible stories, finish all the projects that aren’t done, find magical solutions to all clutter issues, chauffeur my kids around, pack the lunches, make dinner, grocery shop, kiss owies, talk about friend problems, help with homework, pray for the family, remind the children to say no to drugs, bake cookies for bake sales, quiz the children for tests, and just generally take care of things?

Oh, I know! It’s called a Mommy.

And that would be me.

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