Thursday, February 10, 2011

One of many projects

Many months ago I bought an old rusty milk jug at a local antique store. (I know for sure it was many months ago because the friend I was with was pregnant at the time and now her baby is almost 7 months old)! I had always wanted one and finally found one for cheap!


I liked it the way it was, but I also knew it could use some help, but working on it just kind of got put off. Finally, I made my first attempt at cutifying it. And yes, cutifying is a word. I made it up myself.

I bought some Rustoleum hammered finish spray paint and started spraying. The only problem was that it’s winter and so I was doing this in my garage. I didn’t think the overspray was too bad until I picked up the newspapers that I set the milk jug on and there was an outline of where the newspapers had been in white paint. Oops. It’s wearing off, though.

So, then I set it on my porch in that white condition, for a while. I kept looking at it and wondering what to do next. I decided now that it was all pretty and white it needed to be distressed a little. I took some sand paper to the handles and the seams and then adhered a “Welcome” vinyl. It definitely needs more distressing – some coarser grit sand paper ought to help, and I’m not 100% sold on the “Welcome” vinyl, but it’ll do for now.


I am open to suggestions, however.