Friday, February 11, 2011

More projects

Last weekend we worked on more projects…some are done, some are not.

That reminds me of that story…

M R Ducks

M R Not!

O S A R!

O! M R Ducks!

Never mind…


My cool Silhouette has been busy cutting out various Valentine creations.



That’s what my computer screen looks like when it’s sending a design to the Silhouette.



A stack of the little flower shapes.

What the Silhouette was cutting out was rectangles with fold marks to wrap around lollipops, flower shapes, and heart shapes for holding the flap closed.


See? Elise’s finished Valentines for her class! Everyone else has to finish tomorrow…I imagine the table will look something like this again:




Ed installed these awesome sliding drawers in the shelves above my fridge. I’ve always said that space was darn useless because I could never reach anything. Granted, the pull out shelves mean that what I store up there has to be small and is less than without the shelves, but I was just storing jars anyway, and it feels a lot safer to have them in those sliders than all willy-nilly on top of each other up there. That was one of those cupboards in my house that you opened cautiously and protected yourself as you did so. Not anymore!



Perhaps my favorite recent project…a white Ikea pitcher (for my new “pitcher collection” above my cupboards) with a vinyl B. I love the way it turned out and it was SO easy!


Melissa said...

I love the lettering on the pitcher, good idea! Makes me want to get one of those machines :) How much do those cost, by the way?

Julie said...

I think I paid about $180, but you can pay as much as $300 if you want! ;)

Melissa said... might be a while before I get one of those :)