Saturday, February 12, 2011

A good laugh

Last night I had a good laugh, thanks to this book:

Product Details

Yes, that’s right. “100 Income Streams for Full-time Moms”. I bought the book on a whim. It had been recommended on some blogs. (I have no idea why). I had some money at Amazon. I want to earn money while not really working. I figured, surely, there would be something decent. It had awesome reviews. (Again, I have no idea why).

It is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever read! Here are some of the suggestions for “income streams”:

Animal Breeding – what? Doesn’t that take, like, a degree in animal science? I mean, I have a friend who breeds chickens, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t just wake up one day and decide to breed her chickens. It took some research, but, I wonder, is it even legal?

Baby Proofing – As if someone is gonna pay me to put plugs in their electrical outlets.

Dating Coach – no comment necessary

Laundromat Owner – Hello?!?! I thought this was for STAY HOME Moms!

Inventor – Uh…

Music Instructor – Again, doesn’t that take a music degree?

Motivational Speaker – Oh sure, just about anybody could do that job.

Stand-Up Comedy – Well, all right, I could try that one. Cough, cough.

Wild Game Processing – I’m thinking you’re gonna need some equipment for that one…and maybe you don’t want your children along on this job…which makes you, once again, not a stay home mom!

And my personal favorite…



Professional Potty Trainer.



Uh huh.

I’ve decided to go with that. Please contact me if you’d like to pay me to potty train your child. Go ahead. Be that parent.

There are 90 more where those came from. I think the woman who wrote this book just figured if she listed 100 of the most bizarre jobs and “made-up jobs” and called it a book for moms she could make her “income stream” for the year. Maybe if I brainstorm, I could come up with 100 more and write a sequel!

How about…Professional Coffee Friend?


dee said...

I would like to hire you to be my professional potty trainer. I will pay you a million dollars.

Julie said...

I'd do it if you actually had a million dollars.