Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Escape

We have been tired and cranky around here. We knew we needed a break…an escape…a getaway. Thankfully, my parents are willing to watch the girls just about any time we ask and so this weekend, we got about 28 hours to escape…to refresh…to recharge.


We escaped on a beautiful ferry ride.




We escaped to Harrison House Suites on Friday Harbor.


We refreshed at the Friday Harbor Suite Penthouse.



We escaped into our books while lounging on the loveseat together.




We refreshed with a spa-like bathroom.



We recharged with lots of delicious food…cookies and truffles and wine provided by the lodging…


…an early dinner down by the marina…


…homemade breakfast brought to our room…




…complete with mini blueberry cheesecakes for dessert!


We refreshed with blue skies, cool crisp air, and gorgeous sunshine.



We recharged by soaking in the majesty of our Creator.




We finished our weekend escape watching a beautiful sunset reflect onto our favorite mountain on our way home.


1 comment:

Tamara said...

i feel refreshed after just looking at your photos! thank you!!!!